Welcome to InterAction Belgium

InterAction Belgium runs two summer camps: one for 11 to 14 year olds, the other for 14 to 17 year olds. InterAction provides an opportunity to make new friends, try loads of new activities and all in French and English! Yes, that’s right: the language of Victor Hugo meets that of Shakespeare. From the moment you wake up to the last minutes of the day, you will be immersed in a francophone and anglophone environment with leaders who will speak your language and help you to understand everything.

There is also a huge range of activities on InterAction: volley-ball, horse-riding, swimming, high-ropes, arts and crafts and drama for beginners… as well as fantastic team games organised by our leaders. Have you ever tried to parachute an egg out of a chateau window? InterAction is the place to try all sorts of new things! 

Where ?

At the Château de Courrière
Rue Bâtis de Corère, 5336 Courrière, Namur
Find the map here.

When ?

9 August - 17 August 2021 for ages 14 - 17 (Camp A)
2 Aug - 8 Aug 2021 for ages
11 - 14 (Camp B)

How many campers ?

Around 40-50 campers are expected for each camp

How much ?

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What do we do at InterAction Belgium?

Activities, friendships and discovering the Christian faith all take place at InterAction Belgium. The choice of activities changes year to year depending on availability but we also make sure that there is a wide range of options to suit everybody and every year there are always some surprises

Campers are divided into ‘dorm groups‘ by gender and mother-tongue of between two and eight. Each dorm is assigned two or three leaders, committed Christians who volunteer their time to take part in camp.


 A typical day involves morning and evening meetings where an age-appropriate Bible talk is given and we sing together. The aim is to cover the fundamentals of the Christian faith throughout the week. 

There is also a short daily Bible study in dorm groups for campers to delve deeper into some of the big issues. The rest of the day is full of activities, both onsite at the chateau and off site. All of these activities are included in the price of camp.

Where, when and how much is InterAction Belgium?

Dates & Prices for the camps

Camp A For ages 14-17

Monday 9 August to Tuesday 17 August 2021

The prices for 2021 are not fixed yet, but here are the prices for 2020:

Price: Travel by own means 270 GBP (or 325 EUR)

 Travelling from/to Brussels with the InterAction group 283 GBP (340 EUR)

Travelling from/to London with the InterAction group 380 GBP

Camp B For ages 11-14

Monday 2 to Sunday 8 August 2021

The prices for 2021 are not fixed yet, but here are the prices for 2020:

Price: Travel by own means 220 GBP (or 265 EUR)

Travelling from/to Brussels with the InterAction group 233 GBP (280 EUR)

Travelling from/to London with the InterAction group 330 GBP

To sign up for InterAction Belgium click below. We will be in touch to confirm your place as soon as possible.