What does it mean to be a leader in a camp?

leader is responsible for a dormitory group for the duration of camp: this involves looking after the campers through the week, taking part in activities and games and most of all teaching them about Jesus. 

Being a leader at InterAction is about loving God, listening to his word and sharing that with the campers. You don’t need to be experienced in running activities or creating crazy games! What matters is a willingness to get stuck in and serve.  

InterAction is a bilingual camp so it helps if you can understand and speak a bit French (or German, depending of where you go). But you will be looking after a group of campers who speak your language.

If you hesitate of which camp to choose, don’t hesitate to (re)discover every InterAction summer camps available in all the Europe !


End July / Early August

From 10 to 18 yo

From £260 to £410


End July / Early August

From 11 to 17 yo

From £245 to £300


End July / Early August

From 13 to 18 yo

250€ (~£210)