Good food for happy campers !

The InterAction France camps each look to recruit a kitchen team, composed of a head cook and 2-4 helpers (Belgium and Germany function slightly differently and don’t generally use this site for their kitchen team recruitment – if you’re interested, you can contact them directly here). If you’re interested in helping out, then please read on…

What will I be doing?

Your role is to work in the kitchen, preparing safe and healthy food for the camp, led by the head cook, enabling the young people to have a brilliant holiday and get to know Jesus better. Every day begins with a Bible meditation for the team and we try and organise things so that you are able to attend at least one of the main meetings each day.

It can be a stressful responsibility, sometimes under pressure, and fairly demanding physically. But we hope you will have fun and be able to enjoy some of camp life too.

Who can come?

Anyone from 18 upwards who speaks enough of the kitchen team language to get by. The team language may be English or French/ German depending on the other team members. You also need to be in good health.

How much does it cost?

Whereas we ask other leaders to contribute financially to the costs of the camp, this is not the case for the kitchen team. We ask you to pay your transport costs to and from camp but everything else is on us. We’re very grateful for your service.

Signing up

We would ask you please to sign up using this Google Form to sign up for InterAction France (if you’re interested in Belgium or Germany, please contact these camps by mail). It is mostly designed for animefs so don’t worry if some of the questions don’t seem relevant to you.