What does an animef do on camp?

An animef is a leader in training. Each InterAction camp has its own team of animefs, usually between 18 to 23 years old. The animefs have a Bible studies & seminar program which allows them to deepen their faith and knowledge of the Bible. The animefs are also in charge of the practical tasks of the camp, the goal being to allow the leaders to be freed up in order to spend more time with the campers.

So if you are between 18 and 23 and you want to serve God, don’t hesitate to join us !

The price of the camp for an animef is less than the campers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if the financial contribution would prevent you from signing up.

If you hesitate of which camp to choose, don’t hesitate to (re)discover every InterAction summer camps available in all the Europe !


End July / Early August

From 10 to 18 yo

From £260 to £410


End July / Early August

11-14 yo 220GBP or 265 EUR

14-17 yo 270 GBP or 325 EUR


End July / Early August

From 13 to 18 yo

250€ (~£210)